You will be selected for vaccination based on national criteria addressing those at higher risk first.

You will either receive a text phonecall or letter inviting you to make an appointment.

If you are happy to proceed you will be given two appointments.

You will be asked some health questions, these are stored and accessible only to NHS personnel in connection with the vaccination booking and will be deleted after 1 year. We will not share the data with anyone other than your GP without your permission.

Whilst we try to be flexible, if you cannot make any slots the next cohort is usually about 1 month later.


If you are not sure of the caller -- call us on the number above or verify with your practice (be aware they are busy).


Before you arrive:

Check you don't have COVID symptoms.. if you do please call the helpline to re book.

Wear only short sleeved tops and cover with a coat.

Bring ID 

Bring an umbrella


Look for the Marshalls in red they will ask your booking time.

Come with ID or a utility bill, this helps checking in. Don't arrive more than 5 mins before your appointment there is a tight schedule.


Marshalls will check your appointment time, they will direct you to park and give you a leaflet. You will be asked to walk to the front of the centre and queue observing social distancing please wear a face mask.

Please read the leaflet so you understand the implications of the vaccine and are able to give consent.

Check in and vaccine:

Admin staff may check your details against your ID, we advise them not to use your full name unless necessary. They will briefly check your data and ask for consent. There will be nurses available.

You will be asked to proceed to the vaccination area where the vaccinator will double check your information and administer the vaccine. The vaccine is usually given standing up unless this is difficult for you.

We will check your next date is booked 21 days later.

Astra Zeneca Vaccine:

You are able to leave the hall straight after this vaccine no waiting is necessary.

Pfizer Vaccine only:

You will be asked to stay in the hall in queue for 15 mins where you will be watched by first aiders. After 15 mins you can leave to go to your car or walk home.