The NHS is offering COVID-19 vaccine to some children and young people. This includes those aged 12-17 years at
increased risk from infection who will need 2 doses of the vaccine 8 weeks apart. All young people aged 16 and
17 years will be offered a first dose of vaccine. The timing of a second dose for these 16-17 year olds will be confirmed later.


Are you at risk from COVID-19 infection?
Coronavirus can affect anyone. Somechildren and young people are at greaterrisk. This includes those who live withsevere neurodisabilities, severe learningdifficulties, Down’s syndrome and otherserious conditions. Your specialist or GPwill tell you if you need the COVID-19vaccination.For most children and young peopleCOVID-19 is usually a milder illnessthat rarely leads to complications.For a very few the symptoms may lastfor longer than the usual 2 to 3 weeks.The vaccination will help to protectyou against COVID-19.Currently the vaccine licensed forchildren and young people is thePfizer vaccine. This is what you willbe offered.

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Will the vaccine protect me?
The COVID-19 vaccination will reduce the
chance of you suffering from COVID-19
disease. It may take a few weeks for
your body to build up some protection
from the vaccine. You should get good
protection from the first dose, having the
second dose should give you longer lasting
protection against the virus.
Like all medicines, no vaccine is completely
effective – some people may still get
COVID-19 despite having a vaccination,
but this should be less severe. Further
information is available on symptoms
on NHS.UK.
The vaccines do not contain organisms that grow in the body, and so are safe for children and young
people with disorders of the immune system. These people may not respond so well to the vaccine
but it should offer them protection against severe disease.