The centre works on an appointment only basis, this allows us to target those patients mandated by the Primary Care Network.

We do accept there will be times when we need to try to "fit in" people. Common reasons are listed below:

A patient from within the target group that for some reason has been missed due to data processing or having a GP outside the Network.

Front Line health care professionals who work unpredictable shifts and need some flexibility.

Processing errors

If at reception you don't have an appointment please we will take only your mobile number  and ask you to wait in your car / nearby and the booking team will call you back within 15 minutes. This is to minimise any crowding in reception and the queue.

The protocol that the team follows is below.


No appointment

Take patients mobile number. Explain that you are unable to book this in reception.

Ask patient to sit back in their car, or if they are on foot in the emergency bay / waiting area / outside.

Inform Vaccine booking control of the patients mobile number.

Vaccine booking control

Contact centre admin to check capacity, number of vaccines given, DNAs, anticipated numbers, current queue.

Call patient. Check they fit within the existing target group.

If the patient fits within the target group, able to give consent AND we have capacity

Complete booking on EMIS Pinnacle and local database.

Try to fit patient in within 30 mins of arrival, if queue critical contact on call GP / Nurse to assist.

If there is no capacity or the patient doesn't fit within the current target group

Inform patient and arrange booking for next session / direct to other centres