Deferred second dose


In line with the changes in guidance we will be deferring the 2nd dose from 21 days to 11 weeks. 

If you have had one dose of the vaccine the evidence is that there is a good level of protection conferred after just one dose. Given the rate of spread of the pandemic the aim is now to get as many people as possible to have a first dose.

As many of the first group of vaccinated people were very high, under these circumstances it is advisable for them to avoid going out.

This means that we will be cancelling all second doses and focusing on first doses only. Your second dose will now be around 11 weeks from your first dose. 

This approach will help protect you and improve coverage of the vaccine.

Please assume your doses at the Burscough Centre are deferred , you will be contacted by the national cancellation centre soon.

We will be in touch to book your follow up appointment in 4 weeks.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Pfizer or Oxford?

To us it makes little difference, the efficacy is similar and side effect profile is similar, we are geared up to delivering both. Unless there is an overwhelming evidenced reason to use either of the vaccines we are not ina position to offer choice at this stage as it's important we meet the targets set to vaccinate.