We have been given the go ahead to deliver the COVID 19 Booster vaccinations at the same time as Influenza Vaccines, this makes the process convenient and reduces your exposure and risk.

The order in which you are called by us will be dictated as it was for the original programme broadly:

Care homes

  • People Over 65 

  • Housebound people

  • Those who are at risk due to other condition

  • Health and Social care Workers

  • The booster will be given 26 weeks or more after your second vaccination.

  • The booster will be the Pfizer Biontech COVID 19 vaccine regardless of what your original vaccines were.

  • If there is a particular reason you can;t have Pfizer then the Astra Zeneca vaccine can be used.

  • We may need to use a half dose Moderna but this is unlikely.

​Where possible we will offer you a COVID19 vaccination with your Influenza vaccination at the same time.

​The vaccinations will be delivered either in the health centre or the Old Peoples club as before.

Where we administer vaccines:

The vaccinations are being delivered in the now renovated "Hovis Loaf" on Lord Street Burscough.

With support from our partners the Hall has been renovated, and when this terrible pandemic has been beaten Burscough will gain a fantastic renovated community facility and Estrella School of Dance will have a home once again.


Lathom and Burscough Old peoples Club. Lord street, Burscough. L40 4BZ

Burscough Health Centre Stanley Court Burscough L40 4LA


There are 16 spaces in the next door British Legion who have kindly allowed use of their car park in this battle.

There are spaces in Burscough Wharf.

Please avoid parking in the Surgery Car Park as clinical staff may need to get out to visit patients and ambulance access is required.

Beware of SCAMS:
We will never ask you for credit card / financial information.
We will never ask for payment. Booking is done in many cases using ACCURx booking -- screen shot here.
We do not contact you by email for initial booking without speaking to you first.
If you have any concerns either contact us on 01704 776099 or call 119